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Did anyone else notice since getting 1.09.42 a lengthening of the time required between turning the TV on and being able to change the input? I used to have my Harmony set to 11 seconds, but since the update have had to increase this to 15 seconds. Also, nice not to see embarrassing "put on your 3d glassses" message anymore.
I have the M501 and Vizio soundbar with optical connection and don't have that issue. Try changing inputs with the speakers turned off; I don't remember if the setting is attached to the input.The only thing I hate about turning the internal speakers off is when you change inputs for the FIRST time after turning the TV ON, you get an unnecessary message saying that the "Internal speakers are OFF".
I have an old Harmony 880 and use the desktop client. All I can tell you is that under devices, if I select the TV, click "Settings", then click "Adjust Inputs", I'm presented with a screen that allows you to tell the SW how to select inputs (by cycling, using direct buttons, etc). If you chose a Vizio TV that had direct input commands (like the M550), you will be able to tell the SW to use them here.
I just logged into my Harmony account and it indicates I used "VizioM550".
Yes, there are discrete input commands for every input on the TV. They are in the Harmony database. I added the TV as a different Vizio model (I think the M550 or something) since they didn't have the 50" in the database; No cycling on inputs.
I probably already know the answer, but does Vizio have any publicly published way to submit problem reports/software issues? (ie. forum, web, etc)
Regarding firmware updates: When I bought the 501d last week it was running 1.02.. I selected "Service Check" and the next day it downloaded 1.04; this was a day before 1.06 was released. No matter how many times I select "Service Check" now, I can't get it to download 1.06; is there a retry timer or something on the TV or Server?? Any other way to force it?
Two things that irk me about the software (M501D 1.04.xxx): (1) When you manually set 3D mode there's a pop-up reminding you to put on your 3D glasses and they spelled glasses "Glassses" (three s's, seriously?). (a) Selecting the 2D option really does nothing; you still have to select 2D again in all the 3D options that follow. (2) If you turn OFF the internal speakers (i.e. using a sound bar), send the power-on IR code and then send a discrete input code for the first...
I recently installed a 4870X2 in Vista ultimate 32-bit using the CAT8.12 drivers and find that I have an HDMI sound device in the Sound control panel in addition to the expected MOBO interfaces for HD audio (Gigabyte UD3P). I was under the impression that I had to manually install the RealTek ATI HD drivers (which I did not). Am I seeing the Vid card audio driver installed? In any case, I am concerned about conflicting with the MOBO audio which I use for gaming. ...
You were very very brave to try doing that - I know exactly what you were attempting to do; that at least probably explains your corruption.
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