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I have a server grade ups on my home theater but had a nasty storm yesterday when I wasn't home. Today, no video signals are being displayed but you see the text no signal etc displayed on the TV (in other words the bulb seems ok) I checked all sources and get no video. I am wondering what the consensus would be on what got fried. I have taken apart a 50" and felt ok about that as long as I don't have to mess with that mirror. Anyone know what part could be hosed and...
Recently I have had a hard time hearing the voices from my Swan Diva's. I have run MCAA a few times but the voices still seems really low to me. At first I though it was just 2 channel stuff, you know like netflix movies. Seems to be 5.1 as well. I have 2 options for manual setup., I can move the Center farther away or/and up the DB. I did that a little and the voices are still low. Any ideas?
Just reading up on this, this thread goes back to 2010. Does Denon not do annual upgrades to their models? Just wondering how the avr is still so relevant.
Anyone know what the difference is between mode 1 and mode 2 on an HL61A650 bulb set (2008)? My IR sammy glasses look better in Mode 1, UC glasses mode 2. They both work either way just not as good.
I tested the stock 3DC-1000 glasses and didnt like them because of the red tint. I have a pair of UC dlp link glasses but I am getting sync issues from daylight. Can anyone describe the tape trick with these? There is also 2 3D modes on my HL61A650 bulb set, the samsung IR glasses like mode 1, the UC glasses like mode 2 although they kind of work on both.
I'll have to search for that, I just ordered 2 pair. edit: I think this is what you are referring to: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...ght=ultraclear
You get rainbows or sync issues with those? Thinking about ordering a pair.
So you suggest removing the emitter and trying DLP link glasses? If I turn 3D mode off, 3D turns off as well so If I understand you the DLP link glasses should filter that out. When I think about it, it is sort of a red tint that grey's out the picture. What glasses do you use?
Didnt see this confirmed in any of the other threads. I did the hack on the Mits 3DA-1 and got my HL61A650 working. I got the entire kit, emitter and IR glasses. Followed these steps:And was good to go. The samsung has 2 3D modes, I do not know what the difference is. Doesn't seem to be much. Since I have seen 3D on a 2011 Sony Bravia I thought I would compare. 1) With this 2008 Samsung is it necessary to be in 3D mode on the TV? I ask because I get that greyish...
Thanks for the reply on the glasses, I think the reason we are looking at this over the 3dc-100s is because the price of the edc-100s is nuts unless something has changed.
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