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Weaknees has them for a price. The come with the software loaded and ready to go. I think the number 1-800-weaknee. Changing them out is easy, they will include instructions and tools you may need. Anyone can do it. All you need is the model number. Don H..
Sure. 212-824-2409 My showstopper works great on this number. I also have a 5040 model which doesn't do dial ups. I have tried to slow down the modem on this one, but to no avail. I read on one of these threads, that there was a software glitch that prevents the speed from being adjusted, which may be the problem. So the answer on that one would be Ethernet. Unfortunately that's not a practical option.Don H
Guys. I don't know what to tell you, but I am in New Orleans, and I use the Manhattan Primary number in the 212 AC. I have slowed my modem to ( I think) 31.3. And I have a guide and the correct time on my Showstopper unit, day in and day out. Knock on wood it will stay that way. I have an AT&T land line & AT&T long distance. Don H.
Well, knock on wood, my SS 2000 still connects about every 3 days without a failure. If it's still possible to get pots line from your local telco, I'd kick that TWC bundle phone to the curb and go with a pots line. you don't have to get all the bells and whistles on it. Just get Touchtone which a lot of places is free. Don H.
Hey Kelly, Have you tried to connect to get new numbers from the 800 number? I think that might set you clock and that might help. If you have unlimited long distance, you might try to get numbers from the 212 area code. The primary number is working for me with regular pots service. A lot of people have trouble with voip servive (TWC). Good luck. Don H.
You're using AT&T pots service (which is actually Verizon lines). [/quote] No. I'm retired from Bellsouth and live in New Orleans, La. Trust me, I'm using AT&T pots service. Don H
The Servers are not down. All can say is I use the Primary number is the 212 AC, and it works fine. I did have to slow down my modem to 31.2. I (knock on wood) haven't had any trouble connecting since then. And yes, I am using AT&T pots service.I'm using a Showstopper Panasonic DVR. I think it's a model 2000. I have model 5040 and as much as I have played with it, it won't work as a dialup.It hasn't had a connection in well over a year. It is at the far end of the...
What number are you using in NYC?Don H.
Number PM'ed..Don H.
By the way. I should also mention that when I tried to connect to the 800 number, to find new numbers, it worked 3 out of 4 times. This is since I slowed down the modem.
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