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Just to update. Got an auto connect today which completed. All Ok.
Well, I don't like to brag, but untill today, I haven't had a failure since 8/21/13. As I say, it failed today, I forced a connection with 243 zone. The DVR connected and that was all. No clock set, nothing. Will try again tomorrow.
I have 3 TIVO dvrs and 2 Replay Machines. I was given a 5040 unit. Unfortunately it is no where near my router so it doesn't get guide updates anymore. The dial up modem connects to RTV, but doesn't get pgm info. It has been running just fine without it. The clock has drifted off a bit, but not more than 5 min. I use manual records to record a show from the cable co box on the video in jacks. My other showstopper is used to record from my satellite dish. It gets...
My guess about that is that it had something to do with solar outage, which usually happens around the October 3, and lasts about 10 days. Solar outage is the time when the sun passes behind the satellites and makes them unusable for about 20 to 30 min. It happens the late winter and early fall.
There was a 1 hr & 9 mn weather delay to lighting at the park. It started in the 1st quarter right after the initial drive that ended in a Saints fg.
Welcome aboard!
TIVO's can be set up to jump in 30 sec increments thru programs or commercials. I have a 5040 Replay TV and the commercial skip is not always successful. But it works pretty well most of the time.
Well. I might regret saying this, but my SS 2000 rarely ever misses a connect. I hope it doesn't come back and make a liar out of me.
How nice for you.
I saw mine SS trying Sunday morning about 6 am to get a progame update, with no success. I let it wait till Monday, and it's fine now.
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