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I don't know how you would think Bellsouth has any thing to do with this. My guess would be they are uplinked at the New Orleans Teleport in the 2300 block of Chartes. That's in the Marigny, I think. Don H.
I wonder if they'll get Ch 6?
I also want to welcome Louis to the foreum. It's nice to have engineering folks from the TV stations in our group. Don H.
Oreo. Check out your TIVO box by watching some live TV with it. I discovered mine never really came up after the WVUE-DT fiasco last night. Today, it looked like it was recording, but when we went to look at it, there was just a gray screen. I had to reboot it again! Don H.
8-1 again. Anyone beside me having trouble tuning in WVUE-DT? My small HD and the TIVO box are OK. But my RCA goes bananas when I tune to it. Crashes, has to reload all the chanels( about 15 min). and when you go back, same thing again! Anyone else? Don H. Update: My TIVO is set up to tape "Prison break" in SD. But 24 is in HD. The TIVO box crashed twice during recording "24". Anyone have any idea what's going on with Fox 8?
I have a Cox box, and I have no audio or video on ch 712. WYES-DT. So, it's not a QAM encription problem. I don't know why that is. It is working OK OTA. Don H.
They do that because of the weather bulletins. I saw them succesfully do a weather bulletin during Young & Restless without going to SD to do it. Probably, the nite people don't know how to do it. Don H.
Now Digi. You've never heard of "multitasking"? Don H.
As of 5:15pm, my trouble with the S3 is fixed! Thank you Ch 8-1! Don H.
I find that a little had to believe, since I have a signal of 100 on my TIVO box. Doesn't look like "low power" to me. Don H.
New Posts  All Forums: