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I think that would be a seperate agreement. It is wondeful that Cox & Belo got an agreement. Now, if WDSU and WVUE would get on the band wagon! And, by the way, I saw WLAE-DT on the air last Thursday night. It wasn't on last night. They haven't mapped right yet. The Freq was rf 31-1, instead of 32-1. Don H.
Rob. You are fogetting that 26-1 is not on the air on their own transmitter and is leasing a sub-ch from ch 49. So, you are not going to get any trouble on Ch 15 and the moment. I tuned to it the other day, and was getting NBC from Mobile, AL. Don H.
Oh, I'm very well aware that ch 6 is not sending out HD. I'm saying on the analog service, they're taking the HD feed and suffing in on the SD service and lopping the sides off to do it. I can't imagine why else there would be a lonely "D" sitting in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Don H
I saw the stretched picture on LOST last night. In the opening credits, on the left side of the screen, the first 3 letters of the name were missing. Nales on the right side had the last 3 letters missing. Another place I'm seeing is on Leno on WDSU. In the lower lefthand corner, you can't see the "H" in HD. I guess they think we're dummies and won't notice whats going on. Don H.
I'm with Cox on this issue. I don't see why Cox should have to pay for a signal that is free OTA. As to revenue splits, Cox and WWL TV jointly own Ch 15 newswatch. And they split the revenue 50-50. Cox doesn't get any revenue fron the 'local' tv channels. And they pay for the Cox ads you see on them. The only fee I pay for the HD Cox service is a $5.99 digital gateway fee. So, I don't get why the tv stations think we are paying for HD service. I own my own...
Yes Digi. I do have a Cox cable modem. But, it is on a different cable drop. Don H.
Keep in mind that at chanel 100, the frequency jumps up above 600 mhz. The user could have some rolloff that is keepeng the QAM tuner from working that high. I would think a cable tech would have to check and see what the signal level is. When I hooked my Series 3 TIVO (no cable cards) it scanned and picked up about 400 chanels. Of course, most of the chanels are scrambled. Don H.
As I understand it, WDSU is building a 2 story building, to protect their transmitters against a future flood. The analog station, located in a temporary trailer, is on the air at about 1/2 normal power. Which is why the cable provider in Gulfport, Ms switched to the Mobile Al NBC affiliate. Don H.
Cox is showing the SD version of WWL-TV untill Jan 30. After that, who Knows? Don H.
No. The Cox box does not work OTA! Don H
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