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I agree. IMHO Siobhan has shown unbelievable control in all three performances and probably has the best voice of all the girls however Crystal has the complete package and is in a league of her own at this point (I just wish AI would set her up for a teeth whitening appointment).
Come on now, lets give Coach a break. I am sure the crying was from all the sand in his Vagina.
Let me quote Lefty Ruggiero. Last Night was a beautiful ting. I can not stand Cirie and ridding her was the smartest move the hero's could have done. She adds absolutely nothing to her tribe and I mean nothing. The only thing she is good at is looking out for herself. The alliance of JT, Tom and Colby is going to be extremely tough to beat and if the heros are smart they will split them up immediately, but I dont believe that will happen due to the simpletons in...
I agree that she is good, but she is going to need to show some originality.
Gameboy I must agree with your assessments of the first three (3) which where the only good performances of the evening. As far as the other nine (9) go who cares they all sucked. IMHO rating top five after the first round 1. Andrew Garcia 2. Lilly Scott (I dig this chick however I am not sure America will) 3. Lee Dewyze 4. Siobhan Magnus 5. Casey James I would send the following home. These may not of been the four worst performances (Michael Lynche) but...
Holy Cow what a joke. The only one who I can say was at least good was Lilly, but she probably does not have what Simon says is that star quality, however I dig her. I actually thought that Ellen was going to add some humor to the show, but she and that word great were getting on my nerves. The one person who I am looking forward to seeing/hearing the most is Taylor (I believe that is his name) and that 60's/70's vibe he brings. I certainly hope he pulls out...
Partisan stupidity? I fully understand why the votes were cast for Amanda. Tom and Colby have had it with James Bullying of Stephanie and let it be known. Is this a smart move only time will tell, but I believe Tom is much more respected than James and can sway the vote.Oh yea, Rupert is a total clown and has no business being in this game. I never understood why he has so many fans, I would have rather seen Ozzie back.
Hi-lights * Coach owning Colby was hilarious. * Sandra tearing off Sugars bra was classic. Observations: * The biggest observation is why was Russell not looking for the hidden immunity idol * Getting old sucks (reference to Tom) * Danielle is one bad ass and hot chick
I get the C.C. setup if he is a fantasy sports nut. That would be a kickass place to watch football on Sundays. Finleys layout it ultra contemporary and looks nice, but I dont get a theater vibe from it at all. I would vote for JR's setup.
The Mist for 11.99 at amazon. For me its the best price I have ever seen.
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