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If its there fine, but as of now I am not going out of my way to buy a blu-ray player which streams. Currently I have a PS3, Oppo 83 and a Samsung 2550. I view all of my movies on the Oppo unless there is a software glitch (The only issue I have had was with the tv show Dollhouse)than I go to my old reliable (PS3). I seldom use my Samsung for anything accept occasionally steaming some older tv shows but it can be hard to handle at times, why you ask because the picture...
Personally I find the vast majority of instant viewing via Netflix unacceptable. I have viewed ten movies and of those ten only two have been acceptable in my eyes (picture is much too soft). I have read many of these so called professional reviews of Netflix streaming (BigPictureBigSound, Ultimate AV to name a couple) which states that the streaming can rival SD DVD, I dont see that personally. Unless netflix adopts HD viewing for most of their titles I will spend all...
Here are some advantages/disadvantages with these two players. With video playback of Blu and standard DVD these players are probably on par with one another, although there have been some reports of blu ray performance with the LG. I am currently auditioning this player and personally have found no flaws. IMHO (depending on your setup) outside of Blu-ray and DVD performance, load times are cirtical and these two players are the fastest on the market. Trust me load...
I personally have a collection of approx 500 DVD and Blu. I will tell you I have found myself buying less and renting more, why you ask because I rarely watch a bad movie more than once and lets be honest the majority of movies today are not worth watching more than once. With that said of the 500 movies I would say that 50-100 are actual keepers leaving me with 400 or so I could do without. So I ponder this; if I could take back the money for the 400 movies, which in...
Here is an article which I am sure we have all thought about. It is a short read so check it out. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-10...CmoreStories.0
No problems playing on my PS3, but that should be no surprise to anyone.
If top flite uponverting performance is your top priority in a BD player I would hold out and see how the Oppo performs.
In reference to your PS3 firmware claim I will quote Arnold "THATS A GOOD ONE".
These points are all well taken and most folks who frequent A/V forums will agree with them, but the fact remains if Blu-ray takes off the vast majority of folks will purchase from the big name companies. As of now Oppo is still a relatively small unknown company who will continue to cater to the savvy A/V masses which is probably a good thing for us.
Personally I believe everyone should include a PS3 in their system. I had the Panasonic 30 and the Pioneer 51 at one point and currently have the Elite 05, but in all honesty find myself relying on my PS3 over and over. Most folks who bash the PS3 just cant get past the fact its a piece of video game hardware. Sure it is not a classic rack piece, but there is not a better player on the market dollar for dollar. But with that said I love my Elite 05.
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