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Not surprising.
At this point I would not think about purchasing either. With the lackluster review of the LG I would be hesitant to purchase the Samsung blindly. For the price these companies are charging for dual format I think they should provide the features and performance you are paying for and so far the LG has fallen short big time. But what really takes the cake is when you here the word firmware update right after this product is released why should this be the case LG...
I have the PS3 and XA2 and definitely plan on waiting. I will not buy another player until these clowns can get there act together and put out a product that does what it is suppose to, in particular the LG dual player. Why on earth would this company put out that machine and it not perform the way it is suppose to. I believe it is going to be awhile until companies can get their acts together regarding the new audio formats, which blows, but than again my current...
http://www.hometheatermag.com/discplayers/1207lg200/ http://www.ultimateavmag.com/hddiscplayers/1207lg200/
William which receiver are you running. This is the exact reason I posted this thread, it seems most receivers have issues in one way or another. This is the reason I am identifying a particular configuration and than identifying which receiver seems to function best with this configuration.
If you are a Kuro and PS3 owner I would like to get some feedback regarding the type of receiver you are running and how well it handles audio and video with this configuration. How are you running the video signal? How is the receivers video signal handling? How are you running your audio and are there any issues?
Well the heads and tail best 50" plasma on the market today is the Pioneer Elite Pro110FD, but it will cost you otherwise the two you have mentioned plus the Pioneer 5010. http://hometheatermag.com/plasmadisplays/907kuro/
Just another reason to purchase the PS3 http://www.hometheatermag.com/news/032607rave/
This is not close PS3 in a landslide, there are numerous threads on why the PS3 is the superior player here. If you must have a standalone check out the new Panny.
It amazes me how anyone can bash the PS3 it also amazes me that a video game system is possibly the best (and dare I say reference) player on the market today, but than again this thing is packed with technology. Everyone should have this power plant and with its continuing firmware updates this machine should continue to lead the pack at least for now. And from the things that make you say ummm department: isnt it funny how Sony cannot seem to get their butts in...
New Posts  All Forums: