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I'm having a huge problem finding camera(s) for a trip that I'm taking. I really liked the HV20 but I'm going to be mounting these to my car while driving and the secondary-lens for OIS causes a huge-issue with jittering. So, between trying to find a camera with a MIC input, records to Tape or Flash in 1080i HD, and with digital NOT optical image-stabilization... I'm pretty much stuck aside from getting a camera that's like $3000. Can anyone make another...
My brother has an older projecter that runs about 800x600 and has composite and VGA-in. The new Comcast HD-DVR boxes have DVI-D out, would it be possible to buy a converter cable from DVI-D to VGA and still enjoy HD content?
*tear* :(
Any word yet? The buttons are still unprogrammed (of course), but are the any codes or anything we can put on yet?
Update: Just called Comcast. The lady I spoke with was having the same problem with hers... they're waiting on a software update. (as I figured) Of course, the boxes will automatically update overnight while shut-off.
Update: This brand-new box is still freezing up on me. I'll keep everyone posted.
I experienced a strange problem starting a few days ago with my Comcast DVR freezing up. The TV picture would keep going, but all functionality was locked in place. (even the buttons on the machine... including the power button!) Comcast swapped out my box today and the guy said it was a common problem... he'd swapped out about 10 of the boxes already. I'm in the Boston area... just giving everyone a heads-up that if this starts happening... call Comcast.
I'm not sure if anyone's taken the box apart yet or attempted to mess with this. I'm sure if you made a direct replica of the comcast drive and put your own in, it might work. Also, I was shown how to format the drive in the box but my comcast when mine got corrupted. You might want to try doing that after just putting a new one in and see if it'll just wipe it. to format the drive, you go into diagnostics mode (turn the box off then immediately press select) then press...
I just called them. They said it was a corrupted hard drive. They told me to format the hard drive, which did remedy the problem! Steps: 1. Turn the box and then quickly press "select" to bring up the diagnostics menu. 2. Press the replay button 3 times, the "My DVR" button 3 times, then the "Live" button three times. The box clicks off and quick formats the drive. Ta-da. Everything's reset to factory.
here's a ZIP with three screen shots of this piece of crap glitching out... by the way this is the dual tuner model in case you were wondering.  
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