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Chains are fine.
It is my opinion that cheap can work just fine. I had purchased a similar wall mount (Mount-It! Projector Wall Mount). However once I hung my cheap screen (Focupix 92 diagonal manual screen) I needed a longer drop for my cheap (Acer H6510bd) projector. Needing to get things hung pronto, I purchased a cheap (Inland 301 ceiling mount plus extension pole) ceiling mount from my local Microcenter. Works for me.
I just finished my taxes so my mind is jumbled. But a single projector can't sit on table and sit on a ceiling level wall mount (both positions feet down) and project a viewable image on wall. The Optoma is going to project an image 13 inches ABOVE the center of it's lens, so an upright wall mounted projector will be projecting on the ceiling.
Valid until 4/17/14
That one is not going to allow the projector to be mounted upside down near the ceiling.
I got my M3 screws at a small local Sears hardware store since all the Home Depots & Lowes in my area didn't have them in stock.
Yes indeedy I am.
Look at this thread http://www.avsforum.com/t/1262172/any-tv-risers-that-can-accommodate-a-polk-cs2. I both a set of Capita Legs from Ikea and attached them to a piece of shelving from Home Depot. Total cost about $25.
Here's a similar one: http://www.amazon.com/60-inch-Monitor-Display-Shelves-Included/dp/B008466CYU/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1397333354&sr=8-18&keywords=tv+stand+with+wheels
Great use of space with a Creature Features poster to boot. Now you forced me to order that Universal Classic Monsters Collection on Blu-ray.
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