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The Acer H6510bd is often under $700.
Do you mean this forum in particular or AVS in general? Concerning this forum although there's a lot of DIY my impression is that most men here are builders/contractors or have had hands on experience with building be it homes, rooms, projects or cars. Many women don't have this hands on experience so this might inhibit interest. Dedicated spaces are nice as long as you also have general use space. A pitch black room with rows of theater seats makes a perfect movie...
I'm an accountant. Desktops are very alive and well for the bean counters.
That was my deduction from looking at the receiver. Didn't see the speaker connections. I also assumed this was a temporary situation until you pick up new speakers so it seems workable to me. Jautor responded with a no. There are specs on the speakers here. Speakers specs aren't my forte so somebody else will have to determine if these speakers will kill your receiver.
The receiver of that htib uses typical wire connections so you should be good to go.
Comes with headphones and lens cleaning kit.
The sound is just a convenience. If your projector isn't permanently mounted, you know you'll have audio regardless of where to take it.
I'm sure Amazon will let you pay through a bank account but the authorization/verification process will be longer.
Could depend on the programming. When I had a Sony receiver connected to my Rng200dvr, the audio switched depending on what was broadcasting (blockbuster movie, old sitcom, commercial etc.).
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