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Yeah, many of the older Magnolias don't have a projector setup. Only the newer redone ones have them.
You don't have any Best Buys in your area with Magnolia Rooms?
Bryan, is there a similar program for Comcast DVR's.? I recently activated a XL4 premiere with a lifetime subscription, but I have a backlog of shows on my Comcast RNG200 DVR.
What's scary about those 1070 firmware upgrades besides all the fiddly details you better not miss is that somewhere about a hundred or so pages later an important change to a fiddly detail had to be enacted or else you would brick your projector even with previously valid instructions.
The Epson 8350 doesn't do 3D
There are cubed ones, but the one shown is one unit.
DVD is not good enough. Please feed that plasma some high def blu-ray material.
HDMI carries video and audio. If you get an AV receiver, it will handle the audio and video. The speakers are attached to the receiver. The projector (or TV) is the hdmi output of the receiver. You connect your Xbox to one of the hdmi inputs of the receiver. You can attach a cable box, blu-ray player, etc. to the other hdmi inputs. ETA. Those Logitech speakers will not work with a regular receiver. I'm talking about using regular speaker that you use wire for.
Flavacol for the salt and whatever butter suits your taste.
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