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Were you ever able to find anything? Here's another somewhat costly option I stumbled upon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJcyNXkTbrk. It's running $249 right now. And back on topic, I managed to get an open box Sony sx1000 from Best Buy. When you have many appointments to schlep kids to soccer and karate classes, you soon even get fed up trying to run errands during that time. Instead I carry this player with me and just sit in my car catching up on my library of movies....
I picked up a pair of Boston A. HD7 for $20. A few months back there was an old school subwoofer and speaker set (can't recall the name). I left the store, went to do a quick internet search, but when I returned, somebody else had them in his basket. I won't make that mistake again.
It is perfectly alright to stay within a budget even if the limits don't meet the aspirations of others. You have a screen, so work with it. It may be all you ever need. If not, you'll know what to look for in the future. I believe people should start small with new ventures. If you become addicted like many folks on this site are, your initial outlay will just be a drop in the bucket.
I really have no other suggestions. Anyway the hdmi out of the Panasonic needs to go to the projector. The Xbox should be connected to the Panasonic, although the link doesn't give a diagram of the inputs of the receiver. Before you settle on the Panasonic 5.1 system, verify the inputs available. Make sure it has hdmi inputs, or else when you get a blu-ray player or a cable box, etc., you won't have the best interface available.
Where's the blu-ray player?
This might be a little small and costly, but would this work? http://www.amazon.com/Lilliput-monit...pr_product_top
Electronics Expo has the Mits HC4000 for $999. You have to add it to your cart to see the reduced price. $20 standard shipping. http://www.electronics-expo.com/mits....YpxlLxSt2h3tw
For $199 you can pick up a new Optoma Playtime DLP projector from Best Buy that at least has hdmi input.
I wouldn't spend a penny on a bulb for that one. I found this picture of the connections, and they are rather sparse. http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/...0,0,0&format=0. Not worth the headache.
I have the Cisco RNG200 also. And folks should be aware that the remotes between the Cisco and other dvr they have are not interchangeable although they look alike. The first time I tried DVR I got a box with a loose hdmi connection. I think it was a Scientific Atlantic. Anyway when I exchanged it, they gave me a RNG200. Long story short, after tech support calls trying to get the remote to behave, the tech determined I had a Sci Atl remote. Went back to my local office...
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