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No screen and no before and after shots. Bravo.
I've got a bit of hoarder/packrat in me, so I had a most satisfying belly laugh looking at some of the pics, although that counter and appliances need a good scrubbing. Hopefully you can see what else needs to be done. Does the cat climb on your counters? I know they are nimble, but I fear for your projector. I'm looking forward to the end results.
Since the $284 Pioneer setup I told you about does include 2 floorstanding speakers, a center and two bookshelves, does that mean you have ruled out the Pioneers? If you have ruled them out, it would be easier for people to steer you elsewhere.
Best Buy currently has the Pioneer five speaker package for $284.
Those are gorgeous colors in that room. I found the Pioneers stylish from the moment I laid eyes on them and they looked better to me than the other plain black rectangular boxes they were standing next to at Best Buy. There are some real pretty speakers out there, but I find the Pioneers attractive.
Your pictures aren't showing up for me.
I don't think the dh810 has an on screen display. I'm clueless on your second point. Maybe tell hdmi (tv + amp)?
It's been awhile since I've been to the subwoofer forum so I didn't see your post earlier. I purchased the M8 awhile back and I have no regrets. Before I purchased it, I verified with Outlaw that my basement room (20x11x8) was within its specs. I love watching movies and tv's with it, and sometimes when the kids are downstairs watching a movie, the rumbling I hear upstairs, is really amazing. I'm no audiophile; just a normal user and I'm completely satisfied with the M8.
Popcorn makes a big difference. Of what I can get locally, I like the Amish hullless from World Market the best. I also use Black Jewell from Wegmans and it's tasty, but the yield is low and it's finicky. I also bought a jar of yellow popcorn from Wegmans and it is horrible. I also have a yard of popcorn from World Market, and I've been alternating between the Black Jewell and the red hull that are on either ends. Pretty tasty. I cook all my corn in coconut oil either in...
You have to scour the deal sites like techbargains, dealcatcher and slickdeals. Be forwarned, it can become an addiction.
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