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Yes, you should be using the hdmi connector for your player and no, you are not dim. Either somewhere on this site or on an Amazon review of either the 810 or 820, someone "explained" Sony's port and button assignment. I can't search for it now, but if you find it, print it, laminate and put into safe keeping. It's weird how their first hdmi diagram tells a user where to connect a blu-ray player, yet if the user doesn't continue to RTM, that cute blu-ray button on the...
The diagram on the first page of his thread has the sub positioned behind the screen.
Thanks for the info. I opened mine up and I can see where those tabs can be a little fiddlely.
How does the West Bend compare to the Cuisinart you had earlier. One of my local Best Buys had the Cuisinart on clearance for $35 so I grabbed it.
Strange. An article about an odd spaced room, yet they can't think to bring a wide angled lens so that we can see what they are talking about. All I saw was an interior design showcase and some product placement.
There's a thread here that might help you: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1364182. On that thread, I mentioned the JBL CSS11 I saw at Costco for $187, but the Thread starter declined to put it on the list.
Also the Sony dh810. Usually $200.
I have Comcast, and I have a large splitter where they split the signal to all the outlets in my house. They used additional splitters in put my cable modem where I wanted it and reroute a few other outlets. I've also installed my own splitter for my dvr, so I wouldn't worry about it.
Yeah, I didn't let him watch a couple of scenes (the face smashing scene in particular), but it was good to see him enjoying a serious drama he had to read through.
Still have the builder put in the other outlet, but try the tv in the corner if it's a better option for your viewing. Be flexible, even embrace some unorthodox placements until you find the best solution. I don't see spatially that well, so I change and experiment a lot.
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