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I think the Brody character has run its course. To magically save him from his "hanging" and reinsert him once again into the show's affairs would stretch plausibility even further. And the random construction crane? I figured the friendly folks in the Republican Guard would maintain a proper gallows facility.
I saw a tweet yesterday that led me to a video clip of a recent Mandy Pitinkin appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael. Wow, he looks younger without that giant beard on his face. He said he shaved it off as soon as they were done shooting.
If us AVS Armchair Quarterbacks could recast Keen with a different actress, who would it be? Jennifer Carpenter would be interesting, but I'd still want the salty-tongued Debra Morgan version of Ms. Carpenter, which isn't gonna happen on broadcast. Hargitay would obviously be very good, if willing to remove the "rookie agent" aspect.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I would laugh at Bob Newhart reading the phone book.
So your daughter just decides to move out and you don't try to determine if she's moving down the street or across town or three hours away or what? Living with that girl in an apartment, or her family's home, or what? Is she swearing off of ever visiting the house again? Are you still mom-daughter "friends" or is she ditching that aspect, too? Will she still accept your phone calls? A little light on the details with this sudden departure.
Isn't it sad when you find yourself adjusting your expectations just because it's on a broadcast network? I do this as well.You're basically saying, "I would never put up with this drivel if it were on AMC or Showtime." But, I agree with you. Especially after he was depicted as such a capable fighter at that construction site an episode or two back.
Cool! I will look through that site more thoroughly later. Interesting.
Is there a hospital anywhere sited at the water's edge where one can just cruise up in their boat, tie up, run inside, and carry a limp body back down to the boat unnoticed? And the calm seas despite supposedly being ten feet from a hurricane.
They kept up pretty well in the closed captions. Even the Klingon phrase.
Indeed it was. Charles Baker.I told my wife he was responsible for the laser sights during the raid on the French woman's nightclub. No word on Badger's participation.
New Posts  All Forums: