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Are you referring to the Dune HD Smart H1 1080P Media Player? I found this one on Amazon. I just want to make sure that it outputs in Full HD 1080/24P. Can you confirm this, also does it have Wi Fi?
I'm not trying to hook up an external BD drive to a streamer. Be great if my blu ray player would play back an iso file from an external drive but it does not. Thanks for your reply. I think I'll try the Dune Smart or Popcorn.
I already have 2 regular blu ray players plus a blu ray drive on my desktop, but thank you for your reply. I just need a player that can playback blu ray iso file with full menu integration at 1080/24p from my external hard drive.
Hello, I'm looking for a media player that I could hook up an external drive to and play back all my Blu Ray ISO's will full menu playback, special features, etc. It should also be able to play back in 1080/24p. Does this type of player exist? I was looking at the Popcorn A400 but want to be sure before I make the jump. Thanks to all who respond to me.
Can someone please tell me which 2013 television has floating blacks? Thanks to anyone who responds.
I still can't believe there is still a floating black issue with these TV's. I have returned so many of my earlier TV's due to this. My Pana VT25 had this, I posted that it was vt50 in error (just found my invoice) I ended up giving that one away to my sister, she could care less about floating blacks. I on the other hand could not watch any dark scenes without constantly noticing it. Which current TV's have this so I know not to buy?
Looks like sony updated their firmware update page finallySony has designed the BRAVIA® Television's software update process to be customer friendly. This software update (version PKG4.019AAA) provides the following benefits:Improvements over version PKG4.017AAA:•Improved performance and stability of the Internet featuresBenefits provided by previous updates and included in version PKG4.019AAA:•Adds the ability to use the Skype® online calling service•Adds the "What's New"...
I was actually waiting for it to happen again and see if the red light blinks, but like I said it hardly happens. Think I'll call anyway.
Interesting mine also turns itself off every now and then. I never noticed about the red light blinking though. It doesnt happen often so I never did call Sony. I wonder if I should call them now. I'll def monitor my set now and see if the light blinks. This TV has 2 years manufactor's warranty, correct?
does not surprise me that you could not find anything. sony normally waits like a month after it's released to post anything on their website
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