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Well, a few days ago, the bulb blew up in my xr10x, and I was right next to the exhaust fan when it happened. My eye has been bothering me the past few days, so I went to the eye doctor. He thinks he got a piece of something out, although it's hard to find glass. It's not a major deal as he said the scratches aren't big, but I wonder if something like the projector blowing glass into someone's eye will make Sharp stand at attention.
I'd love to, except it will just blow early again. On top of that, there are tiny little shards of glass all over the projector, including in the color wheel compartment. I don't know if i'll be able to get it all out. To the other poster - I have an adapter like that (except the RCA ends are female), but that isn't enough. My logitech speakers don't have a volume control, and without one, I'm pretty sure they'll be too soft.
Actually, now I'm considering the Epson HC720. After this bulb fiasco, having an extra one on hand sounds like a great deal. And I need something more portable than that. Even at the barn there's both a barn and a cabin we play in, and it would suck moving anything more than we already need to. In addition, I sometimes play other places too, although not that often.
Well, the bulb prematurely blew in my XR-10X at about 700 hours, and I don't want to keep on doing that, so I figured I might as well upgrade, even though I was completely happy with my 10x. I was thinking of getting a Dalite High Power screen, as I really want a lot of brightness. In addition, the room I use the projector in has white walls, and I heard it would help with that. Anyways, the two I think I've narrowed it down to are the Mitsu HC1500, or the...
Hey guys..moving up to Duluth in a few days. I was wondering if it's possible to get KARE-11 up there somehow. I don't like the local NBC affiliate at all. I'm going to get OTA channels, and I'll be subscribing to basic charter cable.
I built one too, I used an NEC 1545v for the other builders out there..hehe. At diyaudio.com in the forums somone compared an x1 to his setup, which was very good..don't have time to look it up right now. I remember he ended up getting an X1, but it WAS comparable.
You know, you don't have to project a huge screen. 50", while not as cool as 100, looks very, very good on a projector. You could always do that trial thing Infocus offers to see if it'll work or not.
"A PC drive will not read original X-Box games. Also the power connector is proprietary so some significant effort is involved." While the first thing you said is true, the second part..nah-uh. You can just use a molex power splitter on the power cable that goes to the hard drive.
As another poster suggested, try an x2vga. They're about 70 dollars. I play xbox on mine, use it for dvds using the progressive dvd player; emulation; everything. I think the x2vga really helps in clarity.
That's why you get it modded and use the dongle free (progressive scan) dvd player. Still isn't the best out there, of course, but it also uses the optical out. Pretty darn good IMO.
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