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yes they are still avail.
Ahhh, just buy ya 2 or 3 more Klipsch RW-12Ds and call it a day
Yup, SB13-Ultra doesn't do bloated exaggerated bass, and its driver is a beast. By the OP's own words....movies ok, music the bass is non existent. Keep in mind with music, the content below 80 hz is fairly low, unless your listening to pipe organ, double bass, tuba, or synthesizer. Your Ultra cannot reproduce what is not there. Maybe you'd be happier with another Cerwin Vega instead
three 15 foot drivers? Put down the pipe soon
There is a Funk Audio sub for sale in the AVS classifieds right now. Funk is rather exclusive, you don't see lots of guys owning them, build some fine cabs. The PB 13 Ultra has some serious output and some of the lowest test distortion figures recorded. In the USA the PB ultra is $1999. I owned a Rythmik FV-15HP, for the price its very hard to beat. Substantial accurate output. See the test data performed by Josh Ricci on the Ultra and the FV15HP.... link below. Do a...
Heck, there's a lot of members here who do not understand this facet. More boom has got to be better, right?Accuracy of signal reproduction, or very low distortion.......what sets a few subs above the rest. Make mine a Rythmik please or a PB13 Ultra.
WHOA......must be bad to da bone! Very nice indeed.
Yeah, its a superb deal for individuals who have way way more money than intelligence I don't really understand all the continued discourse on a sub so ridiculously priced versus its realistic performance.
Guessing is very inaccurate overall.Says one thing and does another.....LOL. I guess whatever boosts the post total.
Quad Submersive HPs should bury this expensive over rated toy at about a saving of oh about $26,000.....
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