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From Amazon website: How the TV Low Price Guarantee Works We're working hard to make sure our prices are the best around. If you find a lower price on another qualifying website within 14 days after the date we ship your order, let us know and we'll credit your original payment method taking any differences in shipping and promotions into account. If we lower our own price within 14 days after we ship your TV, let us know and we'll refund you the difference as well. You...
The 9600 is backlit led. Nano technology is the diffusion scheme to spread the light evenly on the screen.
Beuller, Beuller?
Now that there some owners, start telling us your experiences and concerns.
Quote Black levels are not great at all. At night time, when a screen goes dark, it is definitely more greyish, As well, there are uniformity issues as well due to flashlighting Did you check to be sure local dimming was on? When I started with it in Best Buy, local dimming was off.
OK, so i was in Best Buy today and they have the 55 9600 on display. I got the magic remote, ran the picture wizard and watched scenes from one of the Harry Potter movies as well as the first 10-15 minutes of Legend of the Guardians. I was impressed at what I saw. Towards the end I switched to the THX bright room mode. Had to keep swiitching as the store mode keeps returning to vivid setting. After reading the reviews that don't exactly praise this display; I was...
Check with Visa. Many cards cover damage to a product for 30_90 days.
Usually is an external IR device designed to transmit IR remote codes to another device. Such as a slingbox that comes with the hardware that you place in front of your cable box to allow the slingbox to control it. For this tv perhaps once the DVR feature is enabled, there is a way to control a cable box. There would need to be a jack on the tv to connect the cable from the IR device. Of course the tv is not supplied with the device.
This seems impossible. How, or why would a television "seek" out a wifi connection and then crack the encryption code and get connected to notify the user of an available update? Answer: It won't happen.
Does scanning backlight have to do with motionflow? if so then strobing the local dimming backlighting for motionflow may link the two.
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