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Mashpee is not a former-Adelphia town, so those are Moto boxes. (Bourne, Falmouth, and Sandwich are the former Adelphia's, which have SA's.)
Here's an odd one: My wife likes to watch the Fox25 morning news. Since last week, there's been no audio on our analog set (cable direct, no box) only during that show on that channel (13) - all other programming is fine. That show's audio is fine on our digital boxes. We're on Cape Cod. Any thoughts?
So if I have an analog TV hooked directly to cable (no box), will I need a DTA to receive anything on that set once the conversion rolls through here? And would that enable me to view NESN+ SD on that set - because right now, I can't. Sorry if this muddies the waters....
Are any nets broadcasting in 1080P? I thought everyone was either 720p or 1080i, so cable cos would have to upres, right?
My guess would be that the loudest and longest complaints would come from analog subs in areas where the OTA alternative is either limited or nonexistent - like here on Cape Cod, for example. In metro Boston, those folks simply cancel cable and stick up rabbit ears, right?
It's already on 269, but no word on HD yet that I've heard...
It's on nbc.com if you want to see it. Probably be on hulu.com soon, too...
I laughed out loud when he showed up! And I can see now why Robert Romanus hasn't done much since Fast Times - he has exactly one acting style. It really did feel like Damone had just progressed over thirty years from ticket scalping to something much more lucrative. (Okay, imdb shows that Romanus has done a lot of stuff since FT... I just haven't see any of it!)
Oh yeah, I do that kind of thing all the time.... like sometimes I'll hear a song on the radio, but I'll think I heard it in the newspaper.
Try Googling them... here's what I found cached at yahoo answers: "The prices are great, but they require a $500 minimum order and will only let you wire the money. They also have an e-mail only customer service area. If you search around, you can find a phone #, but only leads to voicemail. Seems very fishy." Also this from a forum post at dpreviews.com: "They list some GREAT prices on Gitzo & other products. Went to place an order but then learned only remittance...
New Posts  All Forums: