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Hmm, weird, from my understanding w1080st came by default with 1.01 and even that didn't last as they supposedly delayed to put 1.2 on it.
Firmware 1 orFirmware 1.01
Yeah, same here.I saw the instructions in the 1070 thread, but they were wague. Not something that I'd take a risk bricking my projector with.Thank you.Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
Thank you!
Does anyone have a direct link to the post with firmware flashing instructions? Thank you! Why haven't they been stuck to the front page?
I can see some light leaking since pj is in front of me, but it's minimal and has never bothered me or anyone else here.
Can somebody point me to the instructions for flashing the firmware? I assume I have to get a USB cable and plug the flash drive with the IMG file in the root folder? Thanks!
Ahh, thanks!, lolThat's what I get for spending only 10min with it.Watched my 1st movie with it., I am impressed!
Got my Darbee from Amazon via SolidSignal last night. Won $100 Amazon GC from some conference.. so.. ended up paying like $160 for OB. Looks brand new to me..I tested it a bit (10min) with Gladiator Set the split Demo screen and when switching to HD-50 had a weird line artifact that was rolling left and right across whole screen, lol.. as if they needed an extra spear in there. Shutting of Darbee for a second fixed that.
I used settings from here:http://www.avforums.com/forums/projectors/1761516-benq-w1070-reviewer-s-recommended-best-settings.htmlWorked great!@
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