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And for those of you with surround sound, enjoy the Dolby 5.1 audio. The switch was flipped at 2 this afternoon.
Doubtful it was an internal problem with the camera. We've had a similar problem with the mast cam on one of the live trucks. As far as continuing to take that shot, probably just a force of habit. Every director I've ever seen falls into that trap once in a while. But you'd think after doing it 6-7 times, he or she would stop.
The only thing that annoyed me during the whole game (and those of us here that were watching the game were wondering the same thing) was why the director kept punching to the camera that was ALWAYS fogged over. Other than that, it was a joy to watch. Now if we can get Dolby surround sound theater into where we were "monitoring" the game, we'd be set. Too bad the Super Bowl means nothing to me anymore!
Thanks for the kind words. All of this stuff is brand new to us all. I work with a fine bunch of gentleman that are working very hard to get this right. These folks know their stuff and committed to getting it right. (And somebody else was commenting that if the chief engineer was watching the game Sunday: he was, and still is, busting his rear to get it right.) I believe the quality will improve Sunday, but unfortunately, we won't know until 3 PM Sunday. As far as...
Not sure what the official bitrate was set at over the weekend. I do know that adjustments were made for on the allotments yesterday. Like it has been pointed out before, it is hard to test without having a game being broadcast on HD (CBS makes it extremely difficult to test everything, the HD bird is dark most of the time, which was the main reason the first night the audio was being adjusted on air.) As far as the weather station goes, you'd be surprised on how...
There is no such thing as a simple problem. The problems that were encountered are not exclusive to WANE. Trying to shove 3 streams into the limited bandwidth is not an easy task. The problem is being worked on. We all want it ready Super Bowl Sunday.
It was noticed during last night's game. It was one of the things that there was a lot of interest in, due to the fact it was the first sports event broadcast on 31.01 with 31.02 on the simulcast. Didn't get the chance to watch today's game, didn't have to arrive at work until 3:30, and about that time is when the feed from CBS went whacky, so by the time that was fixed (a problem at the remote site), I had forgotten to check out the feed. It is something that...
You are correct with regards to antenna height. The antenna is sitting at roughly 275 feet or so.
With regards to the WANE signal, there was a problem a week and a half ago with the signal (video digitizing, audio stayed on.) Was that the problem you were having, or just plain not getting a signal?
As a person close to the situation, it is not all that easy given the conditions to boost the signal strength.
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