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still no 48-1 here
Kafei....I'm around 50 miles or so myself, what do you get on the others
Need some help or just a question I guess. Why is it I can pull in 54-1 and 31-1 at around 70% but get nothing on 19-1 and 48-1. Are they that low on power? I really need 19-1 for my NFL. I was getting them at a very low 29% but it was at least locked in. After the snow last week I get nothing. Did it damage them somehow? I've tried adjusting my antenna but still get 0.
I live in Boaz and lost both 19 and 48 when they went "full power". 31 and 54 are still good. I prefer OTA over D*. Better picture to me.
D* locals Huntsville AL Sept 23, 2009
wouldn't hold my breath
I've lost 48-1 for some reason All other H'ville stations are fine OTA Been like that for a week now
Hey 42, Flip the Damn HD Switch!
And why all the BS shows 19-2
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