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I believe time alignment is not per frequency or frequency band, but rather the entire signal. As is the delay setting for your speaker distance in the receiver.   You don't really want every frequency of the subs to have the same modal reinforcement, as that would just accentuate certain frequencies and wouldn't destructively flatten peaks. Your sub(s) is already interacting with the room to create the big peaks and valleys in the response.  Moving one sub and the...
You should invest in speakers that you will like for the long run. Which receiver will power 4 ohm or 8 ohm speakers should be secondary to that.  Speakers produce much more of the distortion than a receiver ever will, and it's a much more personal, variable choice that needs to match your aesthetic, performance, audience, and room needs.
You should try car audio forums.
They all seem terrible to me. 10 watt, 14 watt. Maybe stick to headphones?
Maybe your receiver does okay with 4ohm but not officially.  Maybe the speakers' impedance isn't too tough a load. You could read about each.   But other than that you should get diff speakers or diff receiver.
Great! Make sure your receiver supports 4 ohm speakers.
XPS is eXtruded PolyStyrene.    It is less permeable to water vapor than Expanded PolyStyrene ( EPS), or "Styrofoam" that has the beads that break apart.    For basement walls, one could use closed-cell spray foam, XPS, or EPS with additional vapor retarder, or Polyisocyanurate (called "Iso") which is a yellow foam board that has an even higher R-value, but doesn't withstand liquid water as well. Fluffy fiberglass is bad in basement walls or rim joists unless it's...
 Well, you're leaving out the R3 of 1/2" XPS. So, warmer floors that feel better and saves on running the heat as much. Could you do a floor with:.5" tongue & groove XPS (to save height and cost, although I think 1" is better for barrier retarder) (get the high PSI stuff) (glued down or floating?) .5" tongue & groove OSB or Plywood (as your substrate to lay carpet on) (get stuff that's moisture resistant) Carpet Pad (comfort and longer wear of carpet) Carpet #1 and 2 is...
Why can't you plug in directly from the source, to the speakers? XBox, BluRay, Cable, Roku, etc.? 
The KEFs$12k: Unfortunately price doesn't correlate much with "hold up performance when pedal to the metal." If you needed reference level you'd be in trouble, but in this case playing at -10 I think you're fine.  The KEF website says that the tower 203 has max output 113db which is probably one speaker 3 feet (but we don't know in what sort of environment: in a corner, against a wall, in a hole in the ground, suspended above the ground, in an ancehoic chamber?) At 10 feet...
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