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There's no need for screenshots and video. It's quite easy to pick out which parts of the sequence are done on the river and which are done in studio with a green screen.Water IS very hard, but it's still done very effectively. Two movies that come to mind that did a much better job were Rhythm and Hues with Life of Pi and ILM with Pacific Rim. Even The Day After Tomorrow for 2004 was more convincing.
The boards go for as low as $50.00 if the OP is able to replace it himself.
Cheap on fleabay as well.
Just watched it again, at home for the first time and I agree about Bloom. I was wrong about the de-aging, it's just makeup and creepy blue contacts.The Creatures do look very good, but the barrel scene is terrible, with obvious green screening, and barrels that don't bob in sync with the water.side note - PLEASE don't ever try to shoot an arrow like Orlando Bloom, he's almost as bad as Jeremy Renners Hawkeye when it comes to being anywhere close to using proper form.
Thanks! Really looking forward to this one.
It was the same "de-aging" like they did to Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy.
By today's standards, WETA has done some pretty horrible CGI in all the Tolkien movies, especially when it comes to water. The Ent attack on Isengard is just awful looking, there's ZERO sense of scale.
Right there with you on this one capnvid. Easily one of my favorite movies of the year, my wife and I both were in emotional shambles by the end. Hanks was Hanks, supremely likable again and Thompson and Farrell showed just how good they really are. The movie was beautifully shot and sounded great as well.
We watched this last night and found it to be a fun send up of LARP'ing, My wife and I watched this from different perspectives, she was never involved in RP and LARP, while I was a heavy D&D player. She thought it was a funny movie that was exactly what it set out to be. I found it to be an affectionate and hilarious take on the RP culture, with some nice pokes and prods at people that take these games too seriously.
Is this the UK firmware revision number? The US version is still 1.190.
New Posts  All Forums: