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Hope next season takes place during the summer
Great finale!
Great episode. What is there one left this season?
Well the comics are still doing poorly. I think if you sell 70,000 copies a month a book is successful. That used to get you cancelled in the 80s
I feel bad for the person that gets Frank's kidney
I've recently begun finishing my basement, and had very few tools. There is a Harbor Freight on the corner of my block. I have bought a miter saw, hammer drill, sawzall, laser level and other stuff from them. I Look at it as I will rarely use the tools, so why go crazy with expensive stuff. They have all been working fine, and Harbor Freight always have 25% off coupons that you can use on anything.
I'm really digging this show.
FYI for anyone who is looking for those led strip lights mentioned earlier, newegg has them on sale this week for $29. Their free shipping would surely be quicker than the shipping from Hong Kong.
This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
I thought it was better than any episode from last season.
New Posts  All Forums: