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I think the Behringer's are a cost effective way to put plenty of sound across the front stage. Just make sure that your existing surrounds can keep up. You may be able to do a touch better with one of the DIY sound group offerings, but you would have to finish the enclosures (unless they are being hidden behind the screen, in which case that would not matter). For the sub, I think you could get a driver that would go a bit lower for around the same price (maybe one of...
I'm still looking for an affordable way to power these that includes the high pass. I see many people using amps that have wayyyy more power than these can safely handle. Just curious, how are you all preventing driver damage? Just by being carefull with the volume knob? I am worried that if I over power these and let my children at the controls, I will be looking at a blown driver!
Besides the inukes, has anyone settled on an amp for these units. Preferably one with the high pass aleeady in it. I am basically looking for something a little more budget friendly than the inuke
The oppo will not "see" the file when I search over my network or on a USB stick. It will see music files but not this video file. I have not tried other video files, just this one. It is a copy of 10 things I hate about you.
I am having trouble playing a mp4 file on the oppo. I have attached the mediainfo fileĀ  any help would be appreciated.
I'm not sure if others are experiencing the same problem that I am. It makes Netflix watching almost unbearable. I am going to hook up an old stereo preamp to my system to rule out the receiver, but again this problem only started when I switched from the 93 to the 103D. I will have to check if the problem is only with 5.1 titles or with stereo titles as well. Maybe I should contact oppo?
Can you force the Netflix app to give audio in stereo? My receiver is already converting the audio stream from Netflix to stereo (2.1), since that is all I have hooked up to the receiver and I still hear the problem. It is extremely distracting to watch anything through Netflix
Anyone had any problems with the audio in netflix titles? I have tried searching, but haven't found anyone with my problem. When I watch a Netflix show through the Oppo, the sound gets a little choppy. Almost like the sound is getting downgraded and upgraded rapidly back and forth. The sound never cuts out, just is really hard to listen to. Most noticable with dialog, especially "s" sounds. The only thing I changed in my system is the Oppo (went from a 93 to a 103D)....
you could use a brad nailer which would make for easy filling. Or you could use a kreg jig on everything except for the baffle. Then just glue and weigh down the baffle.
Which plate amp are you using?
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