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What would be a good inexpensive plate amp to drive these? Would one of the Yung maps from PE work?
You should call either Jeff (JTR) or Mark (Seaton Sound) and ask their opinions. They are both really honest and straightforward and they are familiar with the triad offerings. If your plan calls for 4 subs (which I assume would be Triads), I think you will find that the JTR and Seaton offerings are on another level compared to the triads. You may find that you will only need (understanding that need is a relative term) 2 of the JTR or Seaton subs to fill that space the...
Any input?
How would two of the anarchy tapped horns compare to single of the dual opposed 10's? Since erich just got the anarchy's going, maybe it would be better to go that route. Any input?
I am looking to add a small (ish) sub to my 2 channel livingroom setup. I used to have a UFW-10 from AV123 that I was very happy with. Has anyone built the dual opposed flat pack from erich with the Dayton subs (either the ref or ultimax lines)? I was looking at using one of the Yung plate amplifiers with it. This would be for music only. What kind of output would one of these be capable of?
I have to sell my Vutec Silverstar screen. My new theater requires an AT screen. The screen is 2.35 and has a 45" x 106" viewing area. The screen has one small blemish along the top border towards the left side that is not noticeable during viewing. I am picky about these types of things and my eyes never settle on it. I can provide pics to anyone interested. These screens are not foldable or collapsible so shipping will be pricy!! I would prefer someone somewhat...
How would the SEOS design Tux is finishing up compare to any of the offerings in my original post or to something like Chop mentioned (SEOS 12 with TD15M)? I have also been looking at the JTR Single 8 HT's. There are so (too) many options!!!
has anyone switched from a vutec silverstar to this screen material? I am thinking about going with a screen wall in my new theater which would not work with my current screen. I really like the brightness of my current 2.35 115" diagonal screen (using it with a JVC RS45). Am wondering what I would be sacrificing going with the center stage XD material. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
can't wait to see when this will be available!
Are you planning on keeping the seosr or going to the TD15M/seos 12/DNA 360s? If I make the upgrade I want it to count. When i went with the SubM, it was the first time I have been satisfied with any piece of equipment. The PRO-10's are good, but frequently I am left wanting more. I'm not sure what it is that I am after, but I am sure I will know it when I hear it . I am interested in the seos 15's with something like the TD15's. I know that bwaslo has a crossover...
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