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Chop, I have been following your mega build. My budget is inbetween the SEOS offerings and the JTR/Seaton stuff; meaning I could propably swing the SEOS stuff in one shot, but would have to space the others out over time. I can be patient if it is worth it. I listen to mostly movies, some music. Usually I am about -5dbs from reference. The space will be approx. 22' x 14.5' x 8' (2552 cu. ft.). It is going in the basement. The biggest problem is that I have to dig...
I am selling my house in the next few weeks and will start constructing my next theater in the new house. In preparation, I am looking for some advice/suggestions for new speakers. My current setup is Chase Pro-10's up front, DIY speakers from a Madisound kit (8" seas mids/1" dome tweeter) for surrounds and a SubMersive HP. The Chase Pro-10's have been fine, but I want to upgrade. I have been looking at the Seaton sparks (currently unavailable though), JTR Noesis 228's...
My Oppo DV-970HD has been sitting around for a while (years) and needs a new home. It has some scuffs on the top from having other equipment on top of it. The face is free of scratches or marks. It is in good working order. I have the original box and accessories; the only thing missing is the manual (I looked everywhere and can't find it).
I am selling my Oppo BDP-93. It was purchased in March 2011 and has been used lightly in my theater since. The unit looks like new and everything functions perfectly. I have all original packaging and accessories and it has the latest firmware.
It may have been audyssey. I didn't try it without. I'm not sure what it was. All I know is that I just wasn't satisfied with the sound (very scientific, i know!).
Thanks guys, I hope someone jumps on this.
One thing is for sure, you are starting on the right track!! Any of the SEOS designs on DIY soundgroup or the Pi designs will put you well ahead of what you could comparably get with commercial offerings. You will have a theater capable of incredible dynamics. For subs, you could go with one of the Dayton or Stereo Integrity flat packs from DIY soundgroup. Really, you can't go wrong with any of these options. Good luck!
for right around 500, you could possibly do a Stereo Integrity 18" DIY sub. You can get the flat pack here and the sub here and the amp here. You could always save some money by making the box yourself, but the flat packs are so easy to assemble and cut so perfectly (CNC) that it is worth the money. Good luck with your search!
In addition to DIY you may also want to consider a SubMersive or a sealed Captivator. Granted, they are both pricey... but they will give you that rumble that you are missing. You may find that just going to a competent sealed setup will give you what you feel is missing. Your ultras are dropping like stones below their tuning frequency. A good sealed sub (especially considering decent room gain) will give you extension down to at least 10 Hz. As others have...
I think you will be splitting hairs between those two. Another thing to consider is that the Submersive is upgradable to the current more powerful amp. It is a resonably priced upgrade that gives a pretty significant boost in performance if you listen near or at reference levels. Either way, I say go with the cheaper one and know that most people would not be able to distinguish much of a difference between those two choices. One thing you will notice though is how...
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