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You definitely will need a larger, more capable sub to get the level of sound you desire (as evidenced by the fact that you are pushing the amplifier in your sub to the point that it is cutting out). With that being said, I think you could get more out of your current sub by backing off on the gain a bit. Having the gain all the way up is overdriving the amp. Try backing off on the gain and see if you can't crank up the voume a bit more. Also, try changing the subs...
How far can you be from the SPUD outlet and still be considered in the horn bubble? Just wondering
You were not expecting too much to have the MFW-15 outperform the BIC; it should do that in spades. There is an issue here with your levels, there is no reason to need the sub to be 20 db hot. That sounds to me like you are trying to boost a very low signal. Have you tried connecting through the Optical or Coaxial out to test the difference. I would call AV123 and have them walk you through some troubleshooting.
Remind me, what subs did you have before this? Also, have the CS2's replaced the 12LF's as Main's?
Try disabling Audyssey and see if you can get any bass. What was your old sub? I think this is definitely a setting problem as I have an older PC 20-39+ that really pressurizes my room with very deep bass.
anyone else pick one of these up yet?
Congrats, you will be very happy!! What do you have now? I'm just wondering what kind of an upgrade this will be for you.
Out of those deals, the Rockets are the best deal. The RSC200 is a VERY well reviewed center and the 850 fronts are very well reviewed as well. The Ascends and the Aperions are have a large following on this forum as well. I would drop the KEFs from the comparison, they belong with the ELTs, and X-CSs and the lower priced Ascends. Bottom line is you will be very happy with any of the packages you just listed. The Aperions and the Rockets have wood veneer, while the...
For the Great Room, I would look into the deals on the x-cs's. But really anything from the companies listed already (even their cheapest stuff) will handily outperform the soundbar. It's just a matter of how much room you have. I have seen the Yamaha sound bar on sale at a few places and that has gotten some decent reviews if a soundbar is a must. But keep in mind that small speakers will usually sound small. You will have to pay a fair amount of extra money to get...
The marantz will be at least as good as the Denon or the Onkyo (I wouldn't worry to much between those - they all get good reviews); They will all power any of the speakers you are looking at just fine. I terms of listing the speaker packages: 1. Rocket package 2. Aperion package 3. Elt package 4. KEFs Note that I have not heard the KEFs (just going by general impressions of others), but I have heard the other brands. I own an older ELT system and a...
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