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I will vouch for Klipsch tech support, when my Marantz 8002 died after only 5 years, I bought a Denon AVR-1613 as an interim solution. I wasn't happy with the volume out of my old speakers and was going to return the AVR...but decided to look into new speakers. When I called into Klipsh, the rep quickly calculated the difference between my old speakers and the new Klipsch RF-62s he recommended. He accurately forecast that given my listening position, receiver and typical...
Pioneer Kuro. 5 years out, would buy it again over anything I've seen in the stores recently. Only regret is I didn't buy the 60". I have 3 LCD screens between 24"-32" and they are nice, I especially like my new NEC EA244WMi monitor for work...but I don't think they've scaled that screen any larger yet. I would be surprised if LCD ever approaches Plasma for black levels but on everything else, LCDs have improved greatly.
Selling as a complete system. Cash only, I will meet anywhere Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus area. 4 x NHT 1.5 Speakers (Front Right/Left, Rear Right/Left) 1 x NHT AudioCenter-1 Center Channel Speaker 4 x Lovan 29" Caliber Speaker Stands 3 x Cables (Front/Center/Left only) Speakers: http://www.nhthifi.com/ http://www.lovanusa.com Come on folks, the stands new are almost that much. This is all mint condition.
After poking around inside, would you ship this kind of construction air freight?
Unit has always been on shelf, ventilated rack above it with USB powered Coolermaster Fan pulling air above it...not like I didn't try to think of everything. The USB Fan was plugged into an Apple Socket adapter and plugged into the AVR's power when on plug, so it only turned on when the unit was on...I thought it was slick anyway. You can see my pictures from several years ago. I already disconnected everything and took it out of stack, plugged directly into another...
...and my 8002 has been flawless since the firmware upgrade. About the only wish I have would be for user serviceable firmware update...but next one.
I've never seen/heard the Anthem products in person, have heard good things through the years. Thanks for compliment on the rack, I researched a lot of solutions on my quest to make everything fit in 6' wall space...I can even vacuum under it. Since the 8002 is passive cooling, in hindsight, I'm thinking I could have saved a lot of cash just using wire shelves for everything...maybe on the next one. The cooler guy fan is amazingly silent, I highly recommend it.
Been a while since I posted, still loving my 8002. I reconfigured my "Elfa Rack" and totally forgot to leave clearance for my receiver, I'd only left 1/2 clearance on top. Fortunately I noticed the heat after only a few minutes and had to dig out the manual to see what the recommended clearance was ...which led me through a process to what you see in the photos. I removed the solid shelf and replaced it with wire rack...then added a cooler guy USB fan that's powered by...
I paid 3x that when new…flabbergasted at your deal. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine. My HDMI is working fine since I had its firmware upgraded a while back, no problems with new equipment. At time of my purchase, this AVR was the sweet spot for good hdmi handling, great amplifier section and no futzing around with the video…still is in my book.
Sean, Do you have a "BlueTooth" box in the main settings menu? If so, pair your headphones there…then go to Audio settings and it should let you select bluetooth audio…or at least, thats how I did it.
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