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Interesting I didn't try gaming mode...I don't do games so I didn't try it. I like set it and forget it though...Thanks
Just wanted to post I received my darbee yesterday and after a few hours of playing with it I must say the quality of the picture has improved somewhat. I noticed more detail and sharpness. Being I came from a Infocus DLP and a Mits HC6500 I felt my 6010 lack sharpness almost blurry compared to my last 2 projectors. I'm happy to say the darbee has made a difference, I still have my 6010 set at the original factory settings. I was waiting to hit 200 hours before tweeting...
Hopefully my darbee gets here tomorrow. I have a question on hooking it up. All hdmi connections. Comcast cable HD receiver, Panny 210 Blu ray, to hdmi in on the Denon 1712 hdmi out to Darbee, hdmi out to Epson 6010. I’m sorry haven’t had time to read all the post here. Sounds like a simple hook up to me. So this is all I have to do?
Who is the best calibrator for front projector in Colorado and what does it cost. I would also like to have my audio tweet. Castle Rock, CO Epson 6010, Elite 110" 1.1 cine white, Denon 1712. I also have a Darbee coming next week. I find the sharpness laking on this projector compared to my Mitsubishi HC6500 and it drives me nuts.
Amazon has 15 in stock for $269 with free shipping...I just ordered one.
It looks to be 15 left on Amazon
Count me in! I just ordered mine from Amazon, Solid Signal is their seller. So it goes from my Denon receiver hdmi out to my epson 6010. Sounds simply.
I have been waiting to put some hours on my 6010 before tweeting, haven't had a lot of time, been very busy traveling. The one thing I noticed with the 6010 the picture looks blurry in all picture modes THX/Natural/Dynamic etc., I keep trying to focus it, but it makes no difference. I watch the Lorax last night and it to was somewhat blurry. Not a lot of detail. I'm coming from a Mitisubisi HC6500 which was as sharp as a tack. Is it normal for the 6010 to be last than...
I bought 2 35' of these cables and they work stellar with everything I throw at them...I got them when they were on sale...still more than Monoprice with their sale, But they are quality HDMI cables and work perfect with my Epson 6010/comcast and Panny 210 player. I don't wait for anything. I buy when needed. http://www.mycablemart.com/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=142
I purchased a 6010 and was wondering which way is the best way to manually focus this projector...all my other projectors had motorized focus. With the 6010 I can't tell I have the best focus with the projector sitting 15ft away. I really wish the 6010 had motorized focus etc.
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