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I'm not sure I can do this. But I paid $3150 plus tax...I think I could of got it for around $3000 or lower...I didn't do enough homework before going to the dealer. Oh well I'm still very happy. I bought mine from a dealer in Denver and I believe they sell online. ListenUp is their name. BTW This projector has a amazing picture in 2D and 3D. Black levels, sharpness and color are fantastic. I give it a 10. Good Luck!
I ended up getting the 6010 for about $500 over the price of the 5010. I do like the THX mode but the reason I bought the 6010 over the 5010 is I rather have a black projector on my dark ceiling, not white, plus it does come with all the accessories plus 1 extra year warranty. But if I had a white ceiling I would of bought the 5010. After all they are the same projector, it's just the 6010 has more features.
How about this plug in http://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-ULT...pr_product_top
Need some professional advice...I just purchase the Epson 6010 and it's being delivered next week...my new house came with a finished basement and it's a pain to do anything. I already installed 2 Hdmi cables which was a pain in the A$$, but I still need to install a electrical outlet in the ceiling behind the projector, I would think a surge protector and a noise filter would be the best thing to do.. I found this outlet and was wondering if this would work. I'm also...
I also want to Thank zombie10k for starting this mini-shootout and also for recommending the 5010 for my situation...I actually bought the 6010 today and it's being delivered Thursday. I'm so excited!
AnyDVDHD is the best hands down.
Thanks I actually purchase a 6010 today from ListenUp in Denver. This place is totally amazing, They have everything you could possibly want for HT and Audio. Middle end to super super high end they got it. They worked real hard to get the price down to where I wanted to be. Scotty G was my saleman and he really helped me a lot. I also want to give a shout out to msc728 for recommending programmergeek a dealer who is posting in the 6010 thread his price was better than...
Anybody know a decent dealer in Colorado who sells the 6010 or a online dealer. I moved to Colorado and have know clue who's a decent Epson dealer.
This will be my 3rd projector...infocus 4805....Mits HC6500. I'm putting the Mits on Ebay in a week or two. At this time I will be using the same screen. No I don't game. So it's really up to the Sony and Epson. I guess I can't go wrong with either. I think Zombie also recommended the Epson. Well thanks for the feedback. I think the Epson might be my best choice.
I was ready to purchase a Benq W7000 but it looks like the black level is only average then I was looking at the Epson 5010 and now I'm looking into the Sony HW30aes. I'm having a hard time deciding. My question is how do the blacks look compared to the Epson 5010. Also does the HW30 put out a sharp picture. It looks to me the HW30 is a well rounded 3D projector. I would be projecting onto a Elite sable 110" 1.1 gain screen in a light controlled room. Projector will be...
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