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I was ready to purchase a Benq W7000 but it looks like the black level is only average then I was looking at the Epson 5010 and now I'm looking into the Sony HW30aes. My question is how do the blacks look compared to the Epson 5010. Also does the HW30 put out a sharp picture. It looks to me the HW30 is a well rounded 3D projector. I would be projecting onto a Elite sable 110" 1.1 gain screen in a light controlled room. Projector will be ceiling mounted 14'-15' from the...
I have been going back and forth on the 5010 and the w7000 and have decided the 5010 would be my next projector. I want better black's and the 5010 is better than the w7000. Warranty is better on the 5010. Lamp life is better on the 5010. I just hope 5010's 2d has a sharp image like my Mitsubishi HC6500, or at least close.
I was talking about a different review that was in Home Theater Magazine. BTW Thanks for the web site from Sounds and Vision, S&V wasn't overly thrilled about the 5010 either. I'm hopeful with future firmware updates things will get better.
That not so nice review is what's been holding me up from buying the 5010 and also the convergence issues. Would you say the PQ is sharp on the 5010. It's either the 5010 or the Benq W7000 I'm looking at. But I'm leaning toward the 5010 because of the excellent inky blacks. Just can't make up my mind!
If the black's are inky black, I might pop for the W7000 instead of the Epson 5010. I would love a sharp picture and deep black levels. I'm coming from a Mitsubishi HC6500 which has a sharp picture and average black levels.
Whats the difference between a Sable and ezFrame in Cine White. Is it just the frames are different. How about the screen material are they the same?
I bought a 35' cable with RedMere from Cable Mart when they were on sale for $119...works perfect, thin, easy install and less strain on your components. Monoprice will have them soon at a much lower price.
Looking for a 3d projector to replace my Mits HC6500...do you think the Benq w7000 will be too bright for a fixed Elite 100" white 1.1. I had a Infocus 4805 dlp years ago so I know the rbe doesn't effect me. So do you think the Benq with be overkill for my tiny screen and I can't go bigger do to the size of room.
I'm thinking this should work right. 35ft HIGH SPEED HDMI Cable w/Ethernet and Redmere Equalizer. http://www.mycablemart.com/store/car..._detail&p=2483
I'm purchasing a new Panny PTAE7000 3d projector to replace my old and tired Mits hc6500. I'm going to need a new hdmi cable that does 3d, it would need to be 35 feet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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