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Any suggestions on a good tilting wall mount for over a fireplace. Vesa 400x400 for whatever that means. Thanks
I would like to know whats the difference between the LW5600 and the LW6500? The LW5600 is on sale all over the place. If there's not much difference I might get the LW5600 since it's already out and prices already dropped.
This room is a everyday watch tv room...it is not my main room to watch movies. At my old house I had a full blown theater room with Misubishi HD6500 overhead projector with 100" screen, Paradigm speakers 7.1 etc. I plan to reuse this gear in our finished basement. Just need to get our everyday room done first. I think for the money I will get the ceiling mounted HTD HD-R65AIM. The only other problem with this room is they ran Cat6 and Cat5. I need to run HDMI from the...
No suggestions.
I just moved into a new house and it has the ceiling already pre wired for ceiling speakers (Media Rm). The ceilings are 10ft high. TV is going above the Fireplace. I need 5 ceiling speakers for a 5.1 system. Has anybody dealt with these companies, I need to make a decision asap. These speakers are angled from the ceiling. I don't know anything about ceiling speakers. All recommendations welcomed....
Thanks for the information on the black levels...I think I'm going with this set over the LW6500.
In a totally dark room how does the black levels look on the 55LW5600. I have the 55LW6500 on pre order...but if the black levels are deep black and not gray on the LW5600..I might pop for the LW5600 due to price. Black levels are important to me. 120hz-240hz is not.
I'm interested in the LG 55LW6500 or the 55LW5600. My question is how are the black levels and motion blur with sports. I have a well lighted room during the day and I like to watch movies with all the lights off at night. I can get a good deal on the 55LW5600 now, but noticed 120hz whereas the 55LW6500 has 240hz. Is it worth the extra money. BTW I don't do gaming. I just want a TV for everyday use plus 3d with passive glasses, my son had a Samsung and those active glasses...
Sorry I was looking for the LG 55LW6500 model.
When is the 55LX6500 going to be released? Is it that much better than the 55LX5600? I want a 3D TV with passive glasses. My son has the Samsung and those active glasses are really annoying. Should I wait for the 55LX6500 or is the LX5600 just as good.
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