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You can't share a connection that you are using. To share your wireless, you need to be connect via Ethernet, or some other method.
It seems to create the MP4, you are correct, but it leaves behind a mess o' files. Any way to clean that up? And any way to load the batch automatically? Hazel or a Watch Folder?
Set up for no user interaction. i.e. use VideoDrive or Hazel or something to make it automatic.
I just got my ATV2 and I am trying to come up with an automatic way to convert MKV TV Shows so that my ATV can see them. Previously I had a Mac Mini and I used VideoDrive to just put the .avi files into a MOV container to play (via Front Row w/ Perian). But now I have .MKV files that are h.264/aac encoded. How do I get them AUTOMATICALLY into a .MP4 or .M4V container? I have looked at Subler, MakeMKV and they don't seem to work as expected. Help would be much...
They just released Airfoil 4 today. Perhaps that will address your issues?
I don't see any TV Shows in my library, via iTunes Sharing. I will try rebuilding my library and see if that helps.
I have some ripped TV shows in my iTunes on my media server (Mac Mini) and that library is shared out (All playlists). However on my MacBook I can see the Movies and Music but not the TV Shows of my Mini. Any ideas? Home Sharing is turned on and logged in to the same users.
I got the color wheel on my HLP4663 replaced for $250 last week. I found the part online for between 110 and 190 and i didn't want to fight with the replacement procedure myself. When the lamp goes aim going to get it replaced as well. Still less than buying a new tv and still a great picture!
Love the guys at Macworld. I knew they'd have one.
Sorry if this has been asked before (if it has, please direct me to the thread and close this one). Is there a site or a blog or someone who has reviewed many of the iPhone remote options (Red Eye, FLPR, Kinetix Re, etc) so that us newbies can get a handle it? I currently have a Harmony 890 that is starting to die and two iPhone and an iPad so I am beginning to explore my options. I will keep hunting and post any comparison reviews.
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