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Cheer up, Ken. This could be the Lions' week!
She reminds me of Chris Rock voicing the hamster (gerbil?) in that Disney movie...
homcom, thanks once more for posting this every week - gives me a reason to return to this forum (haven't had to very often because - thankfully - most programming is HD now, something that we never took for granted back in the day...). Keep up the great work!
My wish list in NE OH: Golf HD (for Tiger) Versus HD (for NHL playoffs) MLB HD (for Red Sox) NFL HD (yea, right!)
Nice lineup for Mid-Ohio...wish we had the same in NE Ohio (however, we do get a choice between Cleveland and Youngstown OTA channels, which sometimes comes in handy). Apparently not much extra bandwidth (or incentive?) here to add more channels.
As a Red Sox fan, I'd love to see it in Fenway, but another option being floated out there is a Pens-Flyers game in Happy Valley. Imagine 109,000 fans (which would be an attendance record)!
Hopefully some good fellow AVS member can shed some light on this... I've got a 2 yr. old (out of warranty) TV that I love - when it works, but lately - especially when changing the channel to a 720p source - I get a blue screen. If I change back to a 1080 channel then back again, sometimes it'll be OK. It also has an annoying habit of going to "lost power" mode at times. Anyone else out there experiencing the same symptoms?
As a Pats fan, I don't like it...at all! What a concept..."let's screw up the schedule and make two teams have to deal with going overseas for a game." At least it's (apparently) a Tampa "home game" that is lost - not NE. What's next...Dubai?
This is worth reposting: http://www.barstoolsports.com/articl...ke_burke/2668/ Congratulations Brooke!
Amen, Ken...that was ridiculous. Funny how we all went scrambling to AVS within minutes to figure out if it was just local or not.Just proves that this forum is the best!And, oh btw...evidently Tampa needed a little more cowbell...
New Posts  All Forums: