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RT... I like that comment about "then it was too late" Some things are subtle and they will never know... I bet she knew when the sub arrived.
Yes unfortunately there has been too much cold weather down in this area. Another snow dusting last night to keep the golfers at bay. What is next on the agenda for your theater that the wife wont approve of? I'm sure you have something in mind. The dirty little secret that a lot of new theater builders don't realize, at least this is the way it has turned out at my house, is that as long as you give the wife a nice 50" tv upstairs, a dvr for recording the bachelor and...
Wow, how great is it to finish a big project like that. Looks great!! Glad the sound turned out like you wanted it... even better yet, the wife dislikes em.... mission accomplished. Enjoy
Great, hope it works for u. Show some pics when you're done. After looking over the thread again just wanted to say I hope you have More room above your screen to put your top bar. Mine was way to close with no room for adjustment. Good luck
Sorry about that... looks like I haven't paid attention to my website as another host took my name over. I still have my ftp but the address isn't associated the same. doh Hope it helps... I'd imagine there are a million ways to make this project easier and more clean looking but my mask is still upright tho... Just wish I had more time to use it.
How old is your Netflix player rt? I am lucky to pull down 2 mb and my Netflix usually catches up and goes hd usually in less than a minute. I'll see distortion if someone is downloading stuff but other than that its fine. Just grasping at straws here on why you wouldn't get a good picture.
Hell, you've probably already accomplished that mask a few months ago and failed to mention it because of all the other projects that you've completed.
HTPC update. Back again for my 6 month checkup. Bringing my HTPC back into discussion. As in previous posts I talked about using XBMC for watching my movies but had to jump through some hoops to get the .iso bluray files to play. You had to mount them then have an external player to play them to get lossless audio. Its old news now if you know anything about XBMC but it now takes care of lossless bitstreamed audio straight from a bluray iso. All you have to do is...
Damn, you never quit do you. Improvements made look tremendous. Keep coming up with great ideas to make the rest of us look like hacks
Theater keeps looking better. Do you notice sound improvements with your new panel?
New Posts  All Forums: