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Thanks for your input. I loaded up a grid screen and played for quite some time with the adjustments you mentioned, and I'm starting to think that this set it just stuck like this. No single adjustment or combination of adjustments is doing anything to even remotely correct the issues here. Since it was only a $10 pick up at Goodwill, I'm willing to part with it. It's too bad, these things are hard to come by and are sort of the holy grail of retro gaming TVs.Thanks...
Thanks. I already have the service manual and have gone into the service menu to scope things out. I just don't know if there are any settings that specifically could be used to correct what you see in the photo. You think something in the realm of centering the image would help with this? Thanks.
Hi everyone. I'm a retro gamer, and recently picked up a 27 inch Sony Trinitron KV-27FV17 to play my old game systems on. Something I noticed on this set is that it seems like the screen is being pulled upwards towards the top-center. It's most noticeable at the top and bottom of the screen. See the photo below for an example of this... If you look at the border around the screen, you can see what I'm talking about. I know this may be picky, but knowing that I have...
Hey guys. I last tried the Cisco DVR with the trio guide a couple years ago, and it was incredibly slow. Since I hate the "trio" view, I hated how the grid guide was very tiny an showed only a limited amount of time into the future on the screen at once. How have things changed since a couple years ago? Is the Cisco box any faster, and have they expanded the grid guide? I've had a Tivo since then, under the promise that Cox VOD would be coming to Tivo. Well, that's...
I read an article this morning that Comcast has begun rolling out their Xfinity on demand service to Tivo Premier boxes in California today. I recall well over a year ago reading that Tivo and Cox had an agreement to offer their on demand library to Tivo Premier boxes. Now that Comcast has begun rolling it out, is there any news on the Cox front?
Good to know. Thanks!
I'm on the Meriden system in Southington, and starting sometime around 7:00 tonight, many of my channels have gone either completely dark, or are extremely pixelated and broken up. Other channels are fine. Strange thing is my Tivo shows I have a signal level in the mid to high 90s on all channels, including the ones that are coming in fine, and the ones that are dark. Anyone else seeing this? EDIT: And just like that, all the channels are working again. Let's hope...
It's been about 6 months since I last asked about this on here, and back then there was nothing to report new as of last August. Anyway, any news on when video on demand will be available on the Tivo Premiere from Cox?
Anyone seen very strange discoloration on NESN HD the last couple of days? It's been so bad during the last two Sox games, that I've had to switch over to the SD channel.
I haven't checked tons of channels, but tonight I've noticed that 1137, 1131, and 1151 are coming in very pixelated and broken up. My Tivo says they are all between 94 and 99 on it's signal quality meter. Wondering if it's just me with this problem or if it's everyone. I'm on the Meriden system, by the way. Thanks! EDIT: By the way, I am having the problem on both my Tivo Premier and my HD Moto.
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