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By comparison I like 21 songs in the enxt GH game and 2 DLC songs from it. Although less songs some of them i badly want such as black hole son, rockin' in the free world, and burnin' for you.
Lame. They showed some gameplay footage and it indeed has that stupid picture of the controller telling what each button does. I sure hope it turns out that it was just for these demos. That is annoiyng. The gameplay itself looks great. Except it annoys me how Link walks uneven like some other recent zelda games. Instead of walking normally he kind of hops with each step and it doesn't look fluid to me.
So annoying how they pick the right bands and then use recycled songs. At least they used a tom petty song that I didn't buy already. For the skynyrd song they should have picked another one. Yeah free bird is the best rock song ever, but it's in like 3 GH games!
http://www.rockband.com/forums/showp...53&postcount=4 I like almost 40 songs, but no gnr is in it and the only lynyrd skynyrd song is already available on multiple games.
I thought it was even after April, but I was quite sure it wasn't at launch.
Oh yeah that's right. Thanks. Well I haven't played this today, but it was pretty fun once all the millions of interruptions with text were done. I haven't even played a non-zelda, non-sports game all the way through since.... I guess the SNES. Oh actually I played Casper all the way through for Saturn.
Wow this game is this old? I bought it early on and just NOW started playing it. Didn't realize it's been this long. Anyway is this the game where jwebb mentioned it having some sort of dumbed down help system? or was it new super mario bros. or galaxy or what? I forget. I don't want to be using something in this game if it's something optional meant to be a last resort. So far every it of help I've seemed to get has been something I would assume would never get...
Yeah I knew the trick for the NES. But sometiems those things feel more like cheating. Just like for kid icarus I think you could do various button presses to start right at the end of the game. And to this day I am so confused whether I ever finished the game straight through or not. My friend claims I did, but I sure don't rememebr it.
That's different.
I said selling poorly compared with other nintendo games. Yahoo listed the top sellers so far this year and there were 4 wii games and 2 DS gaems ahead of it.
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