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I used the instant shot. It's not very powerful though and you can't kill a Titan without a few slow reloads.
The problem I had with plinking from a distance is that it was too easy for the target to get behind cover and the reload on the plasma rail gun takes so long, there is a good chance they will regenerate shields before you can doom them.lol
I was up against some guy 1v1 who was using the rail gun. I felt sorry for him. He landed a few shots but my triple threat / slaved missile combo destroyed him. I basically walked in a big circle around him just lobbing grenades on him.
I believe Floyd Toole has stated that you don't need high efficiency speakers for HT. The average volume of 85db is easily handled by most consumer products and the peaks are so short lived that the distortion that may be present is difficult to distinguish. In addition, you are usually handing off the bass duties to a sub which relieves a lot of stress from the amp and the speakers so your distortion is probably not as high and your amp may not actually be clipping when...
I was fairly excited when I first got the JTR's. They did play really loud and it was fun a few times playing well above reference but I never watched movies at that level as it was just too loud for me. The more I lived with them, the more disappointed I got in their musical attributes and then they had to go. At the levels I watch movies, the Mags would probably be fine for me but the placement issues would be a problem. My screen will be 130" wide and AT. The...
I've got some 3.6's at the moment driven by a Pass 350.5. I believe the meter on the front of the Pass shows me when I'm leaving class A which should be around 80wpc into 4 ohms. I've had those Mags absolutely cranking at incredibly high volumes without seeing the needle go into class AB territory.
To be honest, I don't think you need to have incredibly expensive speakers for solely HT use. Get something that gets you to the volume you want and run room correction. The few hundred dollar DIY SEOS speakers will be fine for HT use. If I only wanted HT, I'd save the money on the Mags and just buy some cheap speakers. I like the Mags for what they do with music. The old JTR system I had paled in comparison to the Mags for music listening. Just no comparison but the...
I think the regen challenges keep some variety in the game as well by forcing more people to use weapons they wouldn't normally. I hear you on the KDR. My pilots only KDR is only .9 as well but I have also had people over playing like three year olds and I was doing pretty crappy myself trying to work the regen challenges. Last night I was able to play with my preferred weapons and was doing much much better. When I ended the night, my 10 game average KDR against...
Yeah. Nothing is more annoying that getting Titan assists when trying to get the regen challenge. You spend all that time wearing down the Titan and someone else comes in and finishes them off.
Have fun with that POS. I used nothing but the railgun till I completed the regen challenges for it and was level 41 before I finally completed them last night. Echoing Smithfarmer's comments above, I had one game last night where the scoreboard showed I killed four titans and I only got credit for two on the challenge. I hope I never have to use it again.
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