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Here is how I mounted a aura bass shaker pro to one of my barka loungers. There where 6 holes along two of the bottom support beams I got a 3/4 ply wood cut to 9x13 6 2 inch 1/4 bolts 6 hex nuts 12 washers #8 1 inch wood screws Drilled 1/4 holes into the wood using a brad tiped 1/4 bit and bolted that up to the chair. Screwed in the aura to the wood. And aimed the wires at the back of the chair.
My 777es has a 4 ohm 8 ohm switch. So its on 4 ohm. Bout to fire this up for the first time. I guess Jurassic Park T-rex scene will be a good test.
Well I was actually able to get one mounted up the one of the chairs. Pics sometime tomorrow. As far as input on the receiver that is powering them goes. Do I run it into the 5.1 sub input? Just a left on a audio input. Put a 2nd splitter to split left and right on a audio input?
Maybe I could glue some furniture pucks on the bottom of the wood. I don't want it to far off the ground. I'm thinking one in each corner and one in the middle. I'm guessing that if its not decoupled that it would dissipate to much of the shake into the floor? Without drilling i don't see a way to mount them to the chairs.
My chairs have all metal frames and I cant really find a place to mount the auras. I was thinking of getting a piece of hardwood and placing that below the chairs on the floor and mounting the bass shakers to the wood near the back. The chairs are wide enough and the feet far enough in that I dont think you will see the board. Will this provide enough shake? This is in the basement concrete under carpet if that matters.
Im looking at getting one of these shakers for my recliner and maybe the couch. I have a few extra a/v receivers in storage. Im thinking a A/V receiver work for this? I have the following receivers to use Yamaha RX-V640 Sony STR-DA777ES Denon AVR-2400 Sony STR-DE135 Im thinking the 777es would be best as i can set crossover hz per channel on it? So this is what Im thinking in my head. I split receiver 1's (VSX-32) LFE thats going to my psw505 feed that to receiver...
When on my xbox/ps3/Directv box and all the pictures of the speakers show up on the front of the display I can not select/cycle through any of the THX modes. Its stuck on THX Select2 CIN or THX cinema. Standard will cycle through stuff but never hit game mode. Other times like on the ps3 all it will say is PCM. Any suggestions? VSX-32
its a 12 inch. The guy selling it wants $225 for it. Is that a fair price?
Does anyone know what this is? Its looks like a pro1000 but different. I think its a older model. The sn# starts with DT0033
Does anyone know 100% for sure if the 151 or 6020 or any other table stands work with the 141? Ive read posts that say yes and no. Ive been unable to find anyone with a KRP-TS01 for sale.
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