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I was going to edit my last post, but the forum software here apparently doesn't allow that. Just went to the Epson site, and I guess the part number for the 5010e is ELPLP69 , while the SKU number is V13H010L69. Interesting...I always thought a SKU number was a part number. I guess not. Thanks again.
Thanks for the reply. I do intend to get a true Epson Lamp.I just checked a couple of the sponsors. One has one at a reasonable price, but the part number is not an Epson part number. It is V13H010L69. I'll see if I can find out how to tell if that is a valid lamp for my 5010e, and a true Epson lamp.
My lamp hasn't blown. I am under 2 years, but over 2000 hours. I want to get one to have on hand for when this lamp blows.
What's the latest recommendation for a reasonable price for lamp replacement?
I would love to watch 3D. I have 6 pair of glasses for my Epson 5010e. But, zero content locally for me; and many of the 3D movies that are out are not movies I care to even watch. I hope to see more content sooner rather than later.
Thanks for the suggestion.I don't find something specifically called 'video passthrough', but I do find 'hdmi passthrough', which asks for which HDMI source to use for passthrough during standby. I presume that is what you are referencing. I had it disabled. so didn't work in this case.
Using 818 with Smart Strip I have a couple things that I want to come on when the AVR comes on. Those things do not have remote control capability. The way I was doing this before with my 3007 was by using a Smart Strip. But I am finding that the 818, even when off, draws enough electricity that it sends the signal to the switched ports of the strip. There is an adjustor on the strip that supposedly you can dial down if this type of thing happens. But when I dial it...
I just looked on eBay, and do not find any with housing that is much cheaper than list price.I replaced one in a Sim2 a while back, where I got the bare lamp and changed it out of the housing. I wasn't all that hard. I wonder how hard it would be on the Epson 5010. If only held with screws, it shouldn't be a big deal, I'd think.
Well, I too find that all 6 pair of Monsters that I purchased do drain the battery w/o use Of course, I've had them longer than 30 days (the return period), and less than 120 days (the warranty period). I am presuming that warranty will be useless for this issue. Anyone have any info to the contrary?
I still can't even find it on Amazon.
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