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Do you know how far the 16/2 service extends? I have the 10/1 service here in Alabaster. Will I need to call to upgrade or since will this be upgraded automatically? Thanks!
Hi think i will give up the Tivo ghost, i never used the suggestions anyways. Do i have to buy a the new unit? Or since I wont be able to watch the new HD, am i entitled to a newer unit? Thanks,
I have a TIVO hangup I am stuck at the crossroads between Tivo and DirecTv. I currently have the HR10-250 to get my High Def Directv. I believe I am going to keep directv. Is the directv HD dvr a nice unit? Will i regret abandoning tivo? I do like that all outputs are on at once. Anything else gained or lost? Thanks, Jeremy
Here ya go http://www.nab.org/scitech/psip/default.asp
The 2158 (btw, is that 150-2158), what is the cost of that, and how do you combine that with the 4228 (I have the same) Thanks
Im picking up evertything available right now with a CM4228....what would be a good VHF antenna and "combiner"...and how much do they typically cost?
Mr Drc. I have adjusted my antenna some so I can get 100% on PBS. And even at 100% strong signal I got some pixelation on PBS, so I was also assuming they are having some probs on their end.
Quote: Originally posted by shah8 I'm beginning to be annoyed by all the GWB talk in the prerace... and I resent the overbearing military aspects of this. I know military culture is part of the south, but this...just smells bad to me... Yeah, I'm watching because it's a rainy day in Atlanta, and the race is in HD. I don't typically watch NASCAR. So maybe I'm not used to it. Darius This is not unusual at all. There are always some show...
Ya, I get 100% on all channels except PBS which is 79%....every once in a while Fox will dip to 93%. It took me a while to find the right location in the attic to get 100% (especially with my wife yelling to me the signal strengths). I actually figured that this was par for the coruse since I'm only 17 miles away from the antennas and this 4228 is supposedly able to pick up signal 60 miles away. I ended up wire tieing it to the pinnacle of the attic ceiling. This was...
yes 100% for fox, no foil....just the 4228. I do have a clear shot to the north which helps. I tried the foil to see if it helped at all with pbs, but it didnt seem to make any difference., and at 79% i get alot of drop outs.
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