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I realized after I posted that I misread what you said. When you said I had MultiEQ XT I thought ya meant I have the ability to calibrate the two. Oh well I'll have some tweaking to do.
I just ran the setup and it didn't appear to ping two different subs. It just played output from both subs. Am I missing something?EDIT: Google searched it's MultiEQ XT not XT32. Therefore no dice on two subs. Any other thoughts then?
It's decently sized. Probably 20 feet by 20 feet by 12 feet or so.
I don't have the Onkyo anymore I use a Marantz SR-5007.
have a question...I just got a second LFM-1 EX. Best way to set it up? I just gave it a first trial and so far so good but was wondering if there's a better way. I have the original in the front right corner of the room Audyssey tuned and in max extension. My understanding is Audyssey doesn't tune for two subs so I didn't bother to re-run the setup. I put the new sub in the front left and set the phase to the opposite value of the other and put the new one in max...
Basically as the topic title states how is it done? I'm looking to get it to look good on my screen. If I keep the refresh rate at 60Hz from the PC to the TV converting to 120Hz it's smooth but I get the occasional jitter. If I drop it to 24fps it looks worse. I forced 30Hz and even 50Hz interlaced and they all look bad. Is there a better way to get the content to look right? If I play it on an old 60Hz TV (no frame interpolation) at stock 60Hz it looks fine. Help!
well I bought a brand new Marantz unit I do like so it's tough for me to get rid of it...(SR5007). If you guys can convince me I'll consider it.
well thanks guys for the info and all. I was worried about finding a copy of the receipt (because I bought the unit over 3 years ago). Thankfully the retailer when I went to the store I bought it from was able to find a duplicate. They authorized a repair and I just dropped it off at a local shop they said to bring it to. Hoping for the best!!! I'm still thinking of selling this thing the second I get it fixed. Any idea how much the unit is worth these days? I...
when I use the headphone jack (which by the way to my ears is pretty good compared to my AMP/DAC) I notice a small annoyance. If you adjust the volume quickly on a track that's not too loud you can hear clicking until you stop adjusting the volume. It immediately stops once you let go of the volume up or down button...any ideas?
troubleshooting today...yup now no speaker icons. Wonderful. The closest I can get to a "receipt" is a bank statement from the month I bought it. Wonder if they'll honor it...
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