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I would love to write a PC game review, but there doesn't appear to be a PC category to submit one to. There are Xbox One and PS4 categories two months before any games will be available, but none for PC. Is there any way to get a PC category added? Thanks.
Sounds to me that your cable provider may be overcompressing their content and it's causing problems. What were you using as a display before and did you notice any issues with fast-moving content? What happens when you play an action Blu-ray on the PS3?
Does it pixelate on any other channels or different content - i.e. slower moving action, etc.? Do you have problems with any other inputs, like game consoles or DVD/BD players? How is the cable box connected to the set - component, HDMI cables? What happens if you use a different input?
After the update bombed out several times, I downloaded it from the Samsung site and luckily had a FAT-formatted USB key handy. I wondered if the settings were affected, but didn't watch anything where I could easily tell colors were off.
I tried both of these and greatly prefer the settings from the first post because the second set gave skin tones during Mad Men (on AMC HD via DTV) a boiled pinkish look. I plugged in the first set during the commercial break and left it at that. I wonder what was so different about the other meter?
Popped in Avatar last night and it was breathtakingly clear. I'd looked at it before with the now-too-blue-and-desturated josay settings from the 633 thread and thought it looked good, but this was seriously HO-LEE-COW viewing. Thanks to DaGamePimp for his contributions.
Would it be possible for you to consolidate your settings AND the updates into a single post that gets updated. It seems that they're spread over several posts and a couple of pages and once we dial in one post's updates, we have to check around for any amendments. I didn't have any BDs that I was familiar with their looks with me (set is at g/f's place), but Thor (again, color-graded) looked OK, but popped more when I bumped Contrast up to 29-30. I switched color output...
I tried Jason's settings and while they're quite warm as someone flat in contrast, it doesn't look ruddy or muddy; just...really warmer. (The gray background of the screen when switching channels is definitely reddish, but that's the way it'll look when you're used to the higher temperature white point.) Switching back to the User settings I had (from the 633 thread) now looks really blue and effed up. This is with HD Direct TV into the HDMI1 input. One bad thing I noticed...
Hmmm, I wonder why my subscription to this thread wasn't sending new posts? I'll check these out tonight and see how they look.
What does he have his 120 Hz set at and what mode is he in? It seems counter-intuitive, but with HD DirecTV, watching football with that turned on high introduced ghosting when the ball was in the air. Shutting it off or turning it low (not in front of my set now; may've compared my User preset to the default Standard) mitigates the effect. The short, dumb answer: Check the settings while it sucks and then try the opposite. As we've been trying to discuss, a lot of the...
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