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I think currently I am at 551 HD DVD titles but I have about 40 or so inc to me not included in that. I should hit 600 HD DVD probably by the end of August. Biggest problem I am running into now is actually finding stock of titles and finding placed overseas that will ship them to me.
97 sealed atm.. most I have seen already (gotten doubles of and kept the sealed ones)..Some I just haven't gotten to yet. But that is from a collection rapidly appoaching 600 titles
My question is if you look in the last frame there are clearly no nails.. I figure as many "another nail in the coffin" threads as there were there should have been basically a coffin made of nails
That is correct. There is no version of Army of Shadows (that I am aware of) that has english subs or language
Yeah my last order from them just came in today and it took almost a month and a half to get here...and everything I ordered was supposedly "in stock" They shorted my order my copies of Arizona Dream but I do have an extra Tristand and Isolde and a Running Scared if that saves anyone the hassle BTW bol.com charges a flat rate of Euro 17.35 no matter how many discs you order. My last order was 27 discs, the order before that was 48 discs and Euro 17.35 no matter what..
Just make sure that when you order from them that you don't expect your discs to be there overnight.. If they say 2-3 weeks for stock they are pretty serious about it..
Not exactly proper but I have always felt that his pricing was very much in line. He has to make a profit and to be honest his pricing isn't all that bad considering he only sells imports. If you only want 1 or 2 discs his pricing is considerably cheaper on most titles than ordering them yourself (and I have ordered from some god forsaken foreign sites for HD DVD). Sure he doesn't firesale discs like some places do but overall his prices are very fair. I import a lot on my...
Started buying HD DVD in June of 2006 (or about 2-3 weeks after HD DVD hit the market) Starting buying Blu in November of 2006 (day after PS3 hit the market)
Waiting impatiently for my copy to get here I do hope the BBC continues to see how well some of these sell and keeps putting out releases
All releases from all countries is going to be nigh impossible to be honest.. There are some that are just going to be too hard to find..some that there is no real way to see if they were actually produced (there are some russian discs that as of right now I can't find any way to get..or even a "yes they were actually made") I am just trying to get as many of the releases as I can at prices that I find reasonable or stuff that I don't see ever getting a BD release (yes I...
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