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Yeah it sucks that the extras are on a PAL region (whatever Germany is region wise) SD disc but the movie looks great. Glad to be of help. Sorry onthe Brotherhood of the Wolf issue that is one I haven't found a good enough deal on yet to spring for or I would work on that one for you.
Not sure on the Brotherhood of the wolf issue but are you using the HD DVD of Crank or the FU disc? The FU disc is a standard DVD (that is PAL as well). Crank plays fine on my A1, A2 and A30 so all 3 generations of player had no issues.
Just ordered 12 more.....
If you are outside the EU then VAT has already been removed before you place your order. You will notice that the discs are like 8.60Euro or something like that.. theyare supposed to be 10Euro before the VAT is removed. Also unless the order has shipped you can modify it (I did today and added 6 more discs) so you may be able to change it and add the coupon
Yeah I found a copy at Moviestop for $9 and also picked up a copy for a friend when CC had the 50% off sale for $15.
DVDgo has Several titles for 10 Euro right now. Shipping is atrocious but you can also use code 6605259295 to get 5 Euro off which helps lessen the blow somewhat. Titles are Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Downfall (no English audio or subs) Bridge to Terabithia Brothers Grimm The Last Legion An American Haunting They also have Mystery of the Nile (not on sale) that was cancelled here in the US
Yeh I am not big on the Concert discs as most of the bands are from the 60's 70's nd I am not a huge "classic rock" fan (although I have NiN/Yes/Motorhead (the motorhead disc kicks ass except that you have to look at God in HD . I really want to pick up a bunch of the Opera discs but to be honest I can't justify their high cost ($30+ usually) As for movies there are still a ton out there I don't have..unfortunatly there are many that don't have English tracks. I just...
Yeah I already have 2 1080p LCDs but my projector is gettig VERY long in the tooth (Infocus SP4805). With the current price/rebate on the Sanyo PLV-Z2000 it was a no brainer for me to jump on it. I have a dedicated room with light control so lumen output is irelevant. My biggest issue is 12' ceilings (so I have to be able to shelf mount) and the room is 28'x24' (love old houses ) so I needed something with lens shift and a decent zoom
Actually I have very few of the concert discs, none of the Opera discs, very few of the "ambience" discs (fireplace/aqaurium etc) so yeah there are still a lot of them out there I dont have
I still have 171 discs in my cart at Amazon I don't own..and there are easily another couple hundred in imports that I havent found a good enough deal on yet to spring for..
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